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Everytime you get in the shower, do you freak the fuck out when water starts coming down?… When you’re out, instead of thinking: ‘It’s starting to rain, time to go home’, what about instead thinking: ‘It’s starting to rain, time to STAY LONGER.’? There’s no such thing as good or bad weather. (& The philosophy of: some dude taking photos of the storm at the beach in the rain)

Good weather. Bad weather. Blah blah whatever.

How much does the weather run your life? Is it the weather that stops you from doing what you want to do, or you? If the weather controls what you do and don’t do, you’re not the driver of your own life. You’re the passenger in it.

If you ask someone what they did on the weekend and their reply’s, ‘Not much, the weather was crap.’, well what if the weather is crap every day of their life?

Human person #1: ‘So Glandice, you’re 85 and on your death bed now, what did you do with your life?
Glandice (Human person #2): ‘Not much. The weather was crap.’

Weather is neither good nor bad. It just is.

Weather’s measured in degrees and cloud cover and strength of wind and sunshine. Not good or bad.


I met a 17 year old dude taking photos out here yesterday (Pt. Cartwright, Queensland).

Difference was that instead of the blue skies and calmness you see above, it was pissing down with rain and there was a huge storm on the horizon. More like this:

17-year-old homeboy told me that it’s cool to get a good clear sunset shot, but there’s something special about storms.

And his take on this shit I’m going on about here? When it starts raining, instead of saying ‘Time to go home…’, he actually thinks ‘it’s time to go out.’

When it rains, we are actually activating another sense too. We can see nature, hear it, and feel it. It makes the experience that much more powerful and memorable.