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Missing the Point #2: Win the morning, Win the Day? So if you lose the morning, thennnnnnn…..? Then what?

You might’ve heard this thing before: Win the Morning, win the day.

You’d agree that losing is the opposite of winning right? And winning’s the opposite of losing? So doesn’t that mean that if you lose the morning, then doesn’t that mean you also lose the day?

Yeah, starting the day by doing your routines matters a lot. And not jumping on to email or errands first thing and getting into a reactive mode is important too. But that’s basically like thinking you can control the outside world. And also, it in no way helps you prepare for when things are tumultuous or tough. Which they sometimes will be.

Expecting that you if you just have a good morning and no one, dear god, disturbs your equilibrium first thing is basically like the Buddhist temple thing. So be like Kobe, no matter what basketball at your face the day, or especially the morning, chucks at you.