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The Absurdity of: You will never truly know how you’re seen by others. + The Philosophy of: Frida Kahlo [pt.3]

Here’s part one and part two of a mini-series on Frida Kahlo; someone who can still teach us a lot on how to live, through her art and how she herself lived.

Just as it’s absurd that no one will ever truly know what’s it like to be you, as you only know the deep thoughts that are inside your own head, you’ll also never have the full picture of what others feel about you, or how they see you.

The only way you can get a glimpse into it, is from the information they volunteer to share you with you, about how they –or others– see you (which may not ever be the completely unedited view anyway).

In the great Biopic Frida, Frida herself, much like most human people, whether they admit or not, is concerned with how people see her, treat her and feel about her.


This is her dad telling her what she was like before she married her husband, the famous painter and equally infamous adulterer, Diego Rivera.

This is what she brought (and even today can still bring) to the world:

And why people may connect to the deep part of her own experience that she put into her paintings, through the colour and richness of life that was not only herself, how she made others feel, but also the country she grew up in…

Which is why the best we can do is to listen to others carefully when they do share with us how we may be seen, to them, or to the other humans we encounter in our lives. And since we only truly know ourselves from the point of view of ourselves, how we’re seen or how people feel about us may be shocking and confronting or touching and heartwarming. But it’s the best thing you’ve got to piece together how people see you, or what they think or feel about you.