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Why you do it: Handwriting and sending letters overseas like it’s 1997

Socrates said that an unexamined life is not worth living. And as is one without purpose. A purpose for everything we do.

When’s the last time you handwrote a letter and sent it?

I’m about to for the first time since September 2006, to a friend across a shit ton of postcodes (Spain).

Why? One, because I’m a luddite and most things about email, texting and social media give me the shits. Two, because it used to be flipping cool to get, open and read handwritten letters that someone took the time to physically handwrite. And three, handwriting something you know won’t be read for weeks calls on a different level of thought, compared to the instantaneous electronic way (where the other person, in theory, could literally be reading your email or text .43 seconds later. Depending on what they’ve got on that day). At least that’s how I remember it, anyway. Back in my day, sonny Jim.

I don’t know, that might be over-analysing it, but even if my friend and I are the only two people on earth under 83 who still write and send handwritten letters, whatever, suck it, I got a pen pal, do you?