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Whoopsie: New Orleans Executive Vice-President David Griffin Accidentally Said The Wrong Name At The NBA Draft, Selecting Boston-area Photographer And Rowing Enthusiast Zack Williamson With The Team’s First Overall Pick Instead of Duke University’s Consensus #1 Zion Williamson

BROOKLYN, NY–Yikes, this is going to make you think twice before you think you’ve got someone’s name right.

With the whole basketball world poised to hear New Orleans Pelicans select Duke University’s Zion Williamson with the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA draft, Executive Vice-President David Griffin made a massive boo-boo and said “Zack” instead of “Zion”, therefore selecting 28-year-old Massachusetts photographer Zack Williamson ahead of the explosive 6-foot-7 basketball beast from the Blue Devils.

Oh-no, what a disaster!

Zack Williamson, part-time photographer and marketer, who is not the 6’7″, 285lbs Salisbury, NC native #1 consensus pick and did not average 36.4 points in his senior season for Duke last year

With the Pelicans announcing Zack Williamson with their first pick, Griffin quickly realised his terrible blunder and immediately scrambled to correct his error, but by this time it was too late, with next-in-line Memphis Grizzlies jumping on the blunder and selecting the basketball-playing Zion Williamson with their #2 pick.

Yeesh. Better luck next year, Pelicans.

The one that got away: Zion Williamson, who New Orleans had originally intended to select

Zack Williamson, who also enjoys skiing and rowing, hasn’t played a competitive game of basketball in his life (although when he was 5, up until he was about 8, he did used to shoot hoops in the driveway of his family’s lake house in Saugatuck, Michigan with his brother and uncle). Zack Williamson doesn’t watch basketball either, and even though he had no idea the draft was on, or what the draft even is, he has been now been thrust into the spotlight, becoming the new face of the New Orleans Pelicans franchise. And now, not only does Zack remarkably have a spot on the roster of the Big Easy’s NBA squad–despite being awful at the game of the basketball and having no idea how to take a jumpshot or even properly do a chestpass–he is now a key part of the team’s rebuild going forward, with Pelicans fans hoping he can fill the big shoes left by the recent departure of 6-time NBA All-Star Anthony Davis.

Whoopsie. It looks like instead of having Duke’s offensive and defensive monster stampeding up and down the court, dominating the paint, night-in, night-out at the Smoothie King Center, the Pelicans are going to have a neatly-dressed photography man with glasses who likes rowing and skiing in his place. Good luck, Pelicans!