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What’s the thunder in your chest? The flame dancing within you, like a lion roaring… – The Philosophy of: Matisyahu

Think deep. What’s the one, THE ONE thing that drives you most? That one thing, ambition, goal, dream or wish within your heart, that when you think of doing, chasing or just going for makes you feel alive, and your heart –that thunder– thump like nothing else?

It could be a dream, some fire that you can’t put out… it could be ‘travel’… it could be love… sports… scuba diving… it could be that dream that you’ve had for so long but you keep putting off, it could that career you want to chase, that place you want to live in, or it could be ‘Hashem’ or whatever you see as God (maybe you yourself, are your own ultimate being, capable of all?) or a curiosity to uncover the driving force or the nature behind the universe?

Every person has a fire… and nothing can put it out.


Sidenote: This post was inspired by one of my students, who’s inspired seven hundred and thirty eight thousand posts in the past.