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What’s the point of hope? What if you abandoned hope and just accepted where you are and what’s happened? (& The Philosophy: Blaise Pascal)

I’m in California or Mexico right now (probably), so for a few weeks, this is a collection of all my favourite questions I’ve thought of in the last year and bit since I started this blog. You have the answers to everything you want to know (about the world or about yourself) inside of you, all it takes is to ask yourself the right question. And sometimes, the simpler, or stupider, the question, the better it is and the deeper it gets to the answer you want. Go on, ask yourself these questions. See what happens.

What if, instead of hoping, you focused on being? Does the hope of a better future distract us from accepting and enjoying the only moment that ever actually exists – this one right now?

This was inspired by this homeboy: