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WHAT A JOKE: 6 Things Bohemian Rhapsody Got Completely Wrong About The Terminator

  • 1. The Terminator was not on stage during Queen’s performance in São Paulo on 1981’s Game Tour

In this scene, where Queen perform in front of 131,000 people in São Paulo, you notice The Terminator standing awkwardly alongside guitarist Brian May. This is total garbage, because The Terminator did not go on tour with the band during that sold out tour of South America. OH MY GOD! AMATEUR HOUR, AM I RIGHT?!

2. The Terminator was not at Wembley Stadium during Live Aid in 1985

Not only was The Terminator not at Wembley during Live Aid 1985, he wasn’t even in London at the time. WHAT THE FUCK?! LAME!


3. When Queen performed ‘Killer Queen’ on Britain’s Top of the Pops in 1974, The Terminator was not there. 

When Queen made their famous TV debut on the British musical institution Top of the Pops, a notable absence on the actual night in the BBC Studio in London was The Terminator. That didn’t stop the writers of Bohemian Rhapsody putting him in this 2-hour filth festival. RUBBISH! DO YOUR RESEARCH, BUDDIES!


4. When Queen recorded ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’, The Terminator did not join them in the studio for the session.

 The Terminator was somewhere else when Queen hit the studio to record their single Bohemian Rhapsody in 1975. And he most definitely was not in the studio. WHAT THE FUCK?! THIS IS UNRESEARCHED CINEMATIC GARBAGE!

5. At the press conference for the release of 1982’s Hot Space there were exactly 0 Terminators there. 

There were journalists, photographers and not to mention, the actual bandmembers of Queen present at the launch of 1981’s Hot Space. There was however, not one Terminator present. NOPE, WRITER PEOPLE OF THIS MOVIE! YOU BLEW IT AGAIN!


6. One mystifying inclusion at Freddie Mercury’s first-ever set as lead singer of Don’t Forget to Smile was that of The Terminator. This was incorrect.

When Freddie Mercury stepped on stage for the first time ever with the band that would eventually come to be known as Queen, The Terminator was not in attendance. Nor was he backstage or even hanging out at the bar. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY? MORE LIKE BOHEMIAN RUBBISH DAY!