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This Weekend’s 4 Best World Cup European Qualifying Matches, Ranked By How Annoying It Would Be If They Had To Be Abandoned Mid-Game Because A Horrifying Mob of Pyscho Crazy Cunt Chacma Baboons Suddenly Stormed The Pitch

It’s just over 14,442 hours until kick off at the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, and this week has seen the beginning of the road for all 55 European nations hoping to take part at the first ever FIFA World Cup held in the Middle East. Although the global pandemic brought on by the novel coronavirus has lead to all games being played behind closed doors or before very limited crowds, this weekend still has a full slate of games sure to excite. Here are the 4 matches you can’t miss, ranked by how annoying it would be if they needed to be called off mid-game because a psycho troop of disgusting crazy cunt Chacma baboons suddenly stormed the pitch.

#4 Israel-Scotland

With Israel coming off a stinging mid-week home loss to Denmark, and Scotland just recently qualifying for their first major tournament since FIFA World Cup France 98, this replay of the Euro 2020 Playoff semi-final (where Scotland won on penalties) should be a belter. So it would totally suck if this game was interrupted and suspended due to a mob of Southern African maniacal primates storming the pitch and going sick on the players.

#3 Belarus-Estonia



Belarus was the only European nation to keep playing at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, leading to a never-before-seen interest in football from this eastern European nation. If they were to qualify for Qatar 2022, it would be their inaugural partipation in a major international tournament. So it would definitely blow chunks if this game was abandoned just because a bunch of psychotic screaming hairy idiots went crazy on the pitch and started attacking cunts.

#2 Poland-Andorra

With Robert Lewandowski, arguably the world’s best player leading them, Poland is hoping to go one better after coming off a battling 3-3 draw in Hungary midweek. How will they recover in this must-win game against a lowly ranked Andorran team? Well, hopefully a bloodthirsty violent mob of psychotic chacma nutjobs doesn’t invade the pitch,  requiring the referee to have to call the game off due to the threat of serious and grisly player disembowlement, and we’ll have an answer.

#1 Russia-Slovenia

The host of the 2018 World Cup face a tough match against a Slovenian side coming off an historic 1-0 home win over local rival and 2018 World Cup Finalist Croatia. Russia got off to a winning start earlier this week in La Valetta too, defeating a stubborn Malta side 3-1. But which of these two hot teams can keep up their recent form at Sochi’s Fisht stadium today? To find out, there’ll need to be exactly 0 groups of fucked up, pyscho Chacma nutters storming the pitch during this crucial Qatar 2022 Qualifying encounter. There’s no doubt that this would be the most annoying match to be halted due to a collection of psychotic Chacma baboons invading the pitch.