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‘The Weather Outside is weather’ – On the Weather [The philosophy of: Kunu from Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Example, Snufkin, Illy and I guess mine]

The weather outside is weather.

This could be your last day on earth. So you can either lament something that WAY out of your control (the weather) or do whatever you want to do anyway (in rain it can actually become an even more tangible and memorable experience).

This is Kunu from Forgetting Sarah Marshall. And he’s right. His attitude to the weather… :

is the same as his approach to life (and more specifically lemons):

Which is like Example’s (at 0:40):

If we’re meant to be together, change the way you see the weather. Life for now, forget forever.

And Snufkin’s:

…It’s so exciting… Things you have no control over… You can see a great big storm coming towards you and you can’t do anything about it.

And Illy’s (0:40):

…I won’t let a little rain spoil my view.