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It Unclear Whether Local Corpse Liked Her Own Funeral (Or Even If Thought It Okay)

SANTA FE, TX–Following a highly-elaborate service that cost over $11,000, it is not clear whether recently deceased and local corpse Trish Walker liked her own funeral, or even thought it was at least okay. Walker, who died Saturday afternoon at the age of 51, following complications relating to a heart attack she suffered early that morning, today had a touching and long memorial organized for her at the Grace Memorial Park & Chapel by her family members. However, even though most in attendance reported that it was a “beautiful” and “lovely” ceremony which honoured her life, no word is forthcoming from the corpse herself as to whether she liked the musical choices, if she was pleased with the people her family invited or whether she would’ve preferred the $11,000 to be instead spent on her when she was alive and not yet a corpse. Speaking following the service, Walker’s son Gareth Nicholls, 31, said “The finality of it is tough. And it’s hard to say goodbye to our former-mom-but-now-corpse, but the service was done just how she would’ve wanted.” At press time, it was not clear in any way whether it was what the corpse wanted.