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Things are the the way they are, there’s no other way they could be.

When you look back on forks in the road, it can be tempting to think, ‘If I had/hadn’t done x, then I wouldn’t be with/doing/living in y…’, but the only way things could have gone is the way they did.

This is something my mate, Matt says – whatever situation you’re in, it just isThere is no ‘By this time, I could’ve or should’ve…’.

It is what it is

The saying ‘It is what it is’, though incredibly simple and obvious, is actually genius. 

So instead of looking back on the 284 billion different hypothetical situations you’d be in had you made 284 billion different decisions (from big ones to small), just focus on ONE situation – the way things are. It’s the only way forward and the only one that actually exists (and was possible, since you made those decisions for a reason that seemed right to you).