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There’s one thing that makes for a happy life… And that’s LIFE itself (and all its fucked up lows, ecstatic highs, anxieties, worries, fears as well as its joys, self-fulfillments and celebrations.) + The philosophy of: Gang of Youths’ Say Yes to Life.

Say you’ve been a bad boy or girl and you’ve been sentenced to death. On the day, your time is approaching and you know your life will soon be over. There will be nothing left for you to do, or hope for, or experience or hope to experience one day. You will soon not be living. If you could wish for just one thing in that moment… what would it be?

It’s probably not going to be for a house to live in, or a trip across America or the new Google home mini. I’m going to take a guess here, and say that it would be ‘life’. To please, please, please just be able to live a bit longer.

As humans we may only be programmed to fully appreciate how precious a thing is to us when it’s about to or has been taken away. In this case, there’d be no possibility of the latter, but that moment when you know you are going to have your life taken away from you might be the moment where you realise the only thing you require to be happy is life.

So whether you’re going through a bad break-up, the death of someone you loved, anxiety relating to how little money you have or some other anxiety, fear or worry, know that however it feels like it sucks, you still get to feel it. And you are lucky enough to be alive.

And it’s all those things that make up life, all those ups and downs. Through the ups you can celebrate, and through the negatives, there is always a positive to be found. 

You may not have a job, but one day you may miss this freedom you have. You may not have enough money but this might inspire you to be creative. You may be lonely, but this may be a chance to get to know yourself better and consequently allow yourself to be fully vulnerable and open up to someone you truly connect with in the future. To truly choose who you want to spend your time with, away from the obligation of living a life that is not best for you.

All those things make up life. It’s the greatest and most fortunate thing to ever happen to you. You have it, and it’s full of good shit.