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There’s no in between – It either IS or ISN’T.

If you’re saying good bye to someone going back to their country, to a relationship, to a holiday that’s ending, or to a different period of life that will soon be different, there is no in between. There is no ‘They’re leaving.’  There is no ‘It’s ending.’ There is no ‘We’re leaving.’

Something either is or it isn’t.

There is no transitional phase. When you say goodbye to someone, they very rarely are sort of her and sort of not. They don’t usually look anything like this during your goodbyes:

Either that person, that holiday, that enjoyable time is in your life, or it isn’t. There is no 50% here and 50% gone (or any other proportions).

Everything is exactly as it should be in your life. There is no ‘If only…’

The things you don’t control are exactly as they should be. The things you have some influence over you may be able to change or improve, based on understanding of yourself and what you think is important.

You were good before, you’ll be good after (you were just fortunate enough to learn about that person, or have those experiences).

And anyway, if you were fine before that person, holiday or thing was in your life, you know that you can be fine without them (or it) after it is not there.