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Everybody’s free (to HAVE TO listen to this song at least once a year)

I hate to use the word ‘should’ because it implies judgement that that person is wrong and I’m right, but you know what, fuck it –every person SHOULD watch this video at least once every year:

My wife’s mum sent me this yesterday¹. It came out in 1999 but it’s just as relevant as it was then as it is now (if not more so). For most of us, every year you get older, you’ll wish you had the looks and body and health and mind of last year. However, we have all three of those right now, in a condition that in a year from now you might miss.

Or you can embrace the changes and keep improving or accepting those changes in spite of ageing. But you can only learn how to do that when you remind yourself of what really matters in life.

And that’s why you should listen to this song. Every year.

¹ I hate using ‘should’ but I equally hate using ‘mother-in-law’. Is there a colder and more sterile term for someone who’s important to you? Damn, it’s mother’s day today (at least in Australia), surely we can come up with something better. ‘Mother-in-law’ & ‘father-in-law’ are just a tiny bit better than calling them: ‘Non-blood relative classification code 104.2 (a) & (b)’.