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This is someone in the god damn zone.

Watch this from 6:20. This is someone just completely lost in what they’re doing. Just completely in the fucking zone. It is absolute magic.

It’s also what Steven Kotler calls in his book, The Rise of Superman, being in ‘flow’.

Being in flow is just being completely present and connected to what you’re doing right now. It’s total connection to what you’re doing at this moment, and the environment you’re in, and nothing else. There is no future, no past, just now.

Steven Kotler says that keeping attention to the right here, right now ‘is the only time flow can show up and the only time we’re capable of extraordinary.’

That’s Tash Sultana during this version of Jungle.

(She also did a version of MGMT’s Electric Feel, which is just as magical.)

She’s also barefoot. If ‘what you do’ is something you can do barefoot, where you’re also in flow, in my eyes, you’ve nailed Life.