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The Stoicism of: Tom Brady & Bill Belichick – The past is no indicator of present or future success. Do your job. This job right now.

The NFL regular season has only 16 games (compared to 82 in the NBA, same in the NHL and 162 in hockey, for comparison). Also, only 12 out of the 32 teams make the playoffs (which are all one off games, also, significanltly less than the other major sports which have them). And it’s full contact, and there’s an uncountable amount of plays, trick plays, plays to defend the trick plays, plays run in response to if the opposition runs a play in response to your trick play. It’s tough as hell, and could be the toughest sport to succeed in.

So if one team wins a superbowl, they may won in the the toughest sport there is. If one team wins multiple superbowls, then they may have a right to say that are Great. And if like the New England Patriots they win 5 in 15 years (going for 6 in 16 years today), there’s an argument to say they’re the greatest team ever.

The past is not anything. It’s your present that’s everything

But, as they go into today’s Superbowl 52 vs Philadelphia Eagles, Quarterback Tom Brady and Head Coach Bill Belichick could give a shit about the past 5 successes. They’re exactly that – past. Their philosophy is to focus on this, right here right now. Because the past won’t make you who you want to be, it’s this moment right now. At any moment, you decide who you want to be.

And not only does Tom Brady not bother about past successes, he also doesn’t celebrate till the clock says 0:00. Your job is never done till it’s done. There’s no half-assing it.

Do your job. But enjoy it too. Because you don’t have to do it, you ‘get’ to.

And that’s not to say he lacks any emotion. Because even at 40, he still gets as excited and joyful about Superbowls he plays in as the first one he played in back in 2002. This is him over the years.

And he’ll probably be about the same today.