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The Stoicism of: The Onion – On Trials, challenges, life, death, good times and bad (and hot and cold showers).

Though at first this article seems like The Onion are taking the piss out of (and they might be) Stoic approaches to misfortune, trials, life, death, gratitude, nature and the indifference of the universe, and good and bad times (and even taking cold showers) reveals itself as you peel the layers, much like the stinky, stinky vegetable which bears the website’s name:

Are they taking the piss out of philosophy (and in particular philosophies like Stoicism, Existentialism and Buddhism)?

Maybe. But, my theory is that the more The Onion puts into an article, and the greater the length, the more layers it has. And the more layers it has, the greater and deeper the philosophical value of the article, and perhaps the more the writers believe in what they’re talking about.

So (once again) this article nails it on both counts.