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If someone points out a flaw in you, you can either get upset (which may mean you acknowledge it) or you can actively try change it. & what humour’s got to do with it.

There is no perfect person. We all do absurd things and have neuroses that make no, or very little, sense to others. From time to time, some of these may be endearing, but at others, they be completely maddening to those around us.

So if someone points out something that you do poorly, or lazily, that you’re always late, overly neurotic about cleaning, paranoid about not being punctual, always complaining, there are two ways we can tackle their insight. Through anger, defensiveness and toe-digging stubbornness, or by laughing at our own absurdity and if we really want to, take active steps, whether mental or physical to change it.

And the best way to reach us, and others, about the absurd things we do? Humour.