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What The Shit, Local Spanish Dog?? – Local Barcelona Broken Dog’s Behaviour Is Slightly Different, Just Because Absolutely Everything Is Different For Him And He Can’t Be Explained Why

BARCELONA, SPAIN–Houston, we have a broken dog!

Occasionally there’s times when things makes sense, but this is not one of those times.

Just because 100% of things are different for local Spanish dog Chunky, his behaviour is, for some fucking weird reason, slightly different and more anxious. Come on, local Spanish dog, get your shit together, buddy. I mean, what the fuck, dude?

Just because he can’t be reasoned with, or explained what the fuck is going on, and up until recently he had the same daily routine in Queensland, Australia of: wake up, go outside, hang at home for 6 hours, then beach, then eat, then sleep, but since then you’ve had to be whisked away by a guy in a van, fly, in the cargo hold on not one but three flights, flying from Brisbane to Sydney in a crate just bigger than your messed up ass, then spend 5 days there not knowing where the fuck your owner is, what the fuck’s going on or if you’ve been abandoned, then flying fucking 23 hours to London, being boarded there for a night, then flying to Madrid the next day, seeing your owner again, on the other side of the world (after you had no fucking idea what is happening or if you’ve been abandoned for a week, or what the fuck this whole fucked up aeroplane situation just was), then spend one night in a freezing castle outside of Madrid, move to the southern Catalonian coast for 2 weeks, living with another dog for the first time, next door to several cats for the first time, and then finally today, be driven from there to Barcelona, and even have to sit on the opposite side of the car for the first time too, to another new place, be in a big city for the first time, and now live where 2 new human people do, with another dog, and also 6 floors up (when he’s never even been above the first floor) with no outdoor area other than a rooftop terrace, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with this dog?

C’mon dog, just because all those things (100% of the things you had gotten used to over the last 2-and-a-half years) are 100% different, why are you acting slightly different? I mean, seriously, what the shit, dog animal organism?

Seriously, this story from Barcelona just goes to show you that even if 100% of things that you’re used to are different, for some fucking weird reason, it can affect how you behave, how comfortable you are, and even, for some fucked up reason, make you slightly more anxious. Wow, just when you’d thought you’d seen it all, this happens. Crazy. You learn something new every day, don’t you?

Here’s one of the recent rare moments when local Spanish Dog Chunky has not been acting all fucked up and weird just because absolutely everything he had become used to has changed and is completely different… in his new home today: