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Hotness Alert: Here’s Our Top-5 Sexiest Administrational Forms Right Now

Aaaah, forms… History’s nasty blank page of various quantities of ink and spaces with nothing in them. Forms are the First World’s organised and coordinated way of telling the third world in a sexy way, ‘You smell bad and you will never have as many pieces of paper with ink on them as us, no matter how many hours you put in down in the diamond mines.’

So here’s our top-5 hot-hot-HOTTEST forms going round right now! What do you think, agree or disagree? Be sure to let us know in the comments section!

Bureaucracy? More like Booyah-reaucracy!

#5 – Form OMB0960-0666 (US Social Security Form)

Wow, this form’s got it goin’ on. Straight lines, Bold letters, numbers… Shit, if this form was not a form but actually a live human person of flesh and you saw this form/person in a club you’d be like ‘dammmmmmmmn girl, you so fine.’

#4 Form for team entry in local southern Phoenix, Arizona bowling league

Oh yeah, yep, this is a solid form. It’s got a layout, its purpose is to get people to write on it and it’s even got a logo on it. Sexy and exciting!

3# Form EX-18 for acquisition of a El Número de Identidad de Extranjeros in Spain

Now this form’s a real doozie. We have a love/hate relationship with this form but just to be safe we had to pick up this form with surgical gloves and then place it in a room where no one could recreate Karate Kid 2 on it and karate chop it repeatedly. When you are the same room as this form, you just want to do karate on it.

#2 Form For Approval of Administration of Asthma Medication in the New York Public School System

If you thought you had seen everything in the sexy world of forms, you better get off your high horse and think again, because this cute puppy will rock your socks off. Its originality is what pushed it so close to the promised land of #1 on our list, just falling short of the coveted summit. OH-OH-OH MY GOD it’s a nice form!

#1 Form for fumigation and inspection clearance for items entering and exiting China

And our unanimous #1 form right now is this Greek adonis of documentation! It’s got it all: colours, a lot of x’s,  immediate verification being demanded and Chinese. Fathers lock up your daughters, because this bad boy’s one sexy mama!