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Sensational: Europe’s Biggest 20 Clubs Announce Plan to Break Away and Form 10 Super Leagues So They Can Pair Off and Play Each Other 350 times A Season Every Season Until The Sun Explodes Or We All Kill Ourselves, Whichever Happens First

In a shocking move, the biggest 20 clubs in European Football are threatening to revolt from UEFA and pair up and form 10 super leagues where each pair plays each other 350 times every season. It’s an idea that has been furiously attacked by both FIFA and UEFA, leading fans and representatives from Europe’s smaller leagues and teams protesting the proposal all across the continent.


While the majority of fans (particularly outside the core of Europe’s giant clubs) are vehemently in opposition to the idea, the old firm of European football’s elite is doubling down and pushing forward with the premise of a league that features the best 20 teams playing each other hundreds of times every year, no new clubs gaining admission and the same teams winning the title over and over again to the point until you just want to stab yourself in the throat with a sword.


Facing overwhelming backlash this week, Europe’s top sides have released a mock-up of a schedule to demonstrate just how incredible the proposed league would be. This is going to blow your mind, so stay seated.


Structured unlike any other league, the 20 leagues would be made up of such leagues like the “PSG- Vs. Juventus league”, the “Real Madrid Vs. Liverpool league” league and a Manchester City Vs. Manchester City league. For a glimpse into what the league may look like, this would be the fixture list for one of them (for instance, the “Manchester United vs Barcelona league”, which would consist of clubs like, and limited to, Barcelona and Manchester United) for the 2024/2025 season :


12th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

14th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

18th September, Barcelona-Manchester United

21st September, Manchester United-Barcelona

24th September Barcelona-Manchester United

24th September (last game of a double header), Manchester United-Barcelona

25th September Barcelona-Manchester United

26th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

28th  SeptemberBarcelona-Manchester United

29th  SeptemberBarcelona-Manchester United

30th  SeptemberBarcelona-Manchester United

1 October, Manchester United-Barcelona Manchester United-Barcelona

3 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

5 October, 12th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

6 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

9 October, 12th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

10 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

11 October, 12th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

12 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

12 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

12 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

12 October, 12th September, Manchester United-Barcelona

15 October,  Manchester United-Barcelona

16 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

17 October Manchester United-Barcelona

18 October Barcelona-Manchester United

19 October, Manchester United-Barcelona

20 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

21 October, Manchester United-Barcelona

22 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

23 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

25 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

28 October, Manchester United-Barcelona

31 October, Barcelona-Manchester United

1 November, Manchester United-Barcelona

2 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

3 November, Manchester United-Barcelona

5 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

6 November, Manchester United-Barcelona

7 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

8 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

11 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

12 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

15 November, Manchester United-Barcelona

16 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

18 November, Manchester United-Barcelona

19 November, Barcelona-Manchester United

20 November, Manchester United-Barcelona

3 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

5 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

6 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

8 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

11 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

12 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

15 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

17 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

18 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

19 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

21 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

22 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

24 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

25 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

26 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

26 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

26 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

26 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

26 December, Barcelona-Manchester United

28 December, Manchester United-Barcelona

1 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

4 January, Manchester United-Barcelona

5 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

6 January, Manchester United-Barcelona

7 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

9 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

11 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

13 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

15 January, Manchester United-Barcelona

17 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

19 January, Manchester United-Barcelona

21 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

22 January, Manchester United-Barcelona

23 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

23 January, Manchester United-Barcelona

25 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

27 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

27 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

29 January, Barcelona-Manchester United

1 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

1 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

1 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

1 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

2 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

4 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

5 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

7 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

8 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

8 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

9 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

11 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

12 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

14 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

16 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

17 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

18 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

20 February, Manchester United-Barcelona

21 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

22 February, Barcelona-Manchester United

1 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

5 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

6 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

8 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

9 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

11 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

12 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

15 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

16 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

18 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

19 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

21 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

22 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

25 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

26 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

27 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

28 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

29 March, Manchester United-Barcelona

30 March, Barcelona-Manchester United

1 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

2 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

3 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

6 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

8 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

9 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

11 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

14 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

16 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

17 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

18 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

19 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

20 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

21 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

22 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

26 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

27 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

27 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

28 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

29 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

29 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

29 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

30 April, Manchester United-Barcelona

30 April, Barcelona-Manchester United

1 May, Barcelona-Manchester United


Although the schedule will be packed, we can’t wait for this!