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Selfishness? What is selfishness? And what’s it got to with having kids? – [New] Life

The term ‘selfish’ is most, if not all the time, used in a pejorative way. It’s rare for someone to say, ‘He’s such a good bloke – He’s so selfish.’

And what’s it got to do with having babies?

Maybe there’s no way that anyone can have kids and not be selfish in doing it. Or maybe there is. Or maybe there actually is a box full of ghost children just desperate to let out, which might look something like this…:

But maybe there’s a different way to look at it (A less negative way?)

Can you think of one way (after considering these reasons) that bringing new (human) offspring into the world is selfless?

Is there any way you can tell me, that for everyone who can, (even though it is important a few people have kids), there is even one way that having more kids is actually a selfless act?