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Our search for alien life might not only be misguided and pointless but also arrogant and egomaniacal, and therefore dumb (is biological life the supreme form of existence?).

In the intro to the ‘Alien Contact’ event at next month’s World Science Festival in Brisbane it says:

Humanity is on the verge of discovering alien life…NASA estimates we’ll find definitive evidence of aliens within 20 to 30 years. Which begs the question: And then what?

But really? Are we?

Firstly, why do we assume that we are closer than ever, in the multi billion year history of the universe, to find something that could possibly not even exist, have never existed (and may never) or have already passed us by or be too far away by now? And secondly, why do humans just assume that Life is the best way for things to exist, and that there must be other organisms out there who are alive? Why do we assume that biological existence, one of entropy, going from order to disorder, and birth to death, from formation to decomposition is the supreme form of existence (Schopenhauer would definitely prefer any kind of existence but the kind we have.)?

Take the stars or mountains for example…

Though stars aren’t biologically alive, they’ll outlast the fuck out of any biologically alive thing. Maybe stalactites at a couple hundred thousand years come a fraction close, but when you compare it in terms of existence throughout the universe’s existence, who gives a god damn about being alive? Isn’t a more supreme form of existence a non-biological one? Or at least a longer lasting one? Why should humans assume that the best way to exist is to do it biologically, which is far more temporary, fragile and and far less resistant to the forces of nature (than that matter that is not a biological organism)?

This once again points to our perverted self-inflated anthropocentric view of the universe. Much like how we used to think the sun revolves around the earth, it seems an obsession for humans have to look for something like us.

Maybe our search for alien life will forever be fruitless, because everything else that existed evolved to not exist biologically, like ticking time bombs, or at least ones that go off much shorter than non-biological entities.