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My Say: Donald Trump. (Does That Count As Political Commentary or Satire?)


By Brian McGarnickle




We don’t often get into politics here at Why You Do It, but these are things we perfectly understand:

• That the military, security, economical, social and political actions of the most powerful nation in the world is at the whim of one single man;

• All the complexities of zeitgeist we now lie in;

• Our place in relation to all history and future of civilised history and the history and future of the universe, and the constantly evolving and altering political climate in perspective to what threats and concerns we will have in 10, 20, 100 or even more years.

And as we understand all those things perfectly, it brings us to conclude that: Donald Trump. Donald Trump, am I right?

(Okay, so does that previous sentence count as political commentary or satire? Do you think so? Because I’m pretty sure it does.)

So, like I was saying: Donald Trump. You know what I’m saying (*pause for laughter and/or applause for my stinging political commentary*). Man. Trump. Whow, nelly. You feel me? I mean, come on. Come onnn. You know? Trump. Wow. Trump. Donald Trump.  I mean talk about being Donald Trump, don’t ya think? I mean, out of all the Donald Trumps, he has got to be the most Donald Trump Donald Trump in the history of Donald Trump. Trump.

(Is this still political commentary or satire? It is, right?)

Alright, so back to what I was talking about. Donald Trump: I mean, shit. Trump –Fuck yeah and fuck no. Donald Trump: Hell yeah, girlfriend and also what the fuck? Right? Who’s with me?

How’s this going? It’s political commentary and/or satire I’m doing right here isn’t it? Let me answer my question with my own response and say: fuck you, of course it is. 

So, in conclusion: Trump. Donald Trump. Wow. Donald Trump.