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What A Slip-Up: Saint Petersburg’s Moskovsky Station Just Released A New Ad Campaign Using Tolstoy’s Fictional Character Anna Karenina To Promote The Idea That Great Things Like Finding True Love Can Happen To You At The Station, But They Clearly Forgot To Read To The End Of The Book Where She Decides To Lie Down Under One Of The Trains And Get Her Skull Flattened

Yikes! Someone didn’t do their homework!

The team behind Saint Petersburg’s Moskovsky station have just released a new ad campaign highlighting the fact that if Leo Tolstoy’s Fictional Character Anna Karenina could meet her dream man at the station, anyone can. The problem is that they clearly didn’t read to the end of the story where she also succumbs to her torturous, imprisoned existence and decides to plonk her dopey ass onto the tracks in between carriages of a marauding 225 tonne steam train which then, in an instant, eliminates her from the face of the earth.

Yeesh. Someone really dropped the ball on this one!

Although the immediate otherworldly attraction that Anna and Count Vronsky have upon meeting each other for the first time at Moskovsky Station is something we all dream of, keeling over off the platform after saying ‘You know what, fuck this, my life is a prison, so I’m going to make them all pay,’ and then dropping our dumb privileged ass face-first onto the rails and immediately being ploughed, mutilated and decapitated by a galloping locomotive is not really.

C’mon guys! How’d you miss this banana peel?!

As it was for Anna Karenina and Count Vronsky from the moment they meet at Moskovsky Station, love is in the air! So let’s hope that this new ad campaign attracts people to Saint Petersburg’s Metro in search of love, and not in search of a gilt-edged steel beam and a galloping steam train that will give them a chance to have an epiphany that suicide will solve everything before they horrifyingly and belatedly regret what they’re doing, as their existence is then instantly ended by a stampeding coal-powered behemoth, rendering them nothing in the blink of an eye.

Despite the mixed messages, let’s support this helpful campaign by heading on down to Saint Petersburg’s Moskovsky Station!