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Report: Mexican, Italian, Chinese Food Referred To As Just ‘Food’ In Respective Countries

MEXICO, ITALY, CHINA–Contrary to previously held beliefs, Chinese, Mexican and Italian Food is just referred to as “food” in each of their respective countries. In a report released today out of Mexico, China and Italy, it has been confirmed by each country that when people make dinner at home or go out to eat in those countries, they refer to their own country’s cuisine as just ‘food’. This comes as a startling surprise as it has long been thought that when a Mexican couple in Monterrey deliberates as to what to make for dinner they always say something like, “What do you think about Mexican food for dinner tonight?”. Similarly, when an Italian family is about to head out for lunch to celebrate a relative’s birthday in Parma, they rarely say ‘Let’s go get some Italian food, what do you kids say?” and nor does a group of Chinese university students in Ghuanghzou ever say “Man… I could really go for some Chinese food right now.” At press time, it was unsure whether Japanese married couples across Japan ever bicker because one of them says “Ugh.. Japanese food again?? Gross.” or if pairs of Spanish girlfriends in Barcelona say to one another “I’m hungry… Let’s get some Spanish food!” It is also unclear if in Marseille, France, diners ever say “I feel like some French tonight,” or if in Bangalore, India, sibling ever say “How about we order some Indian tonight?”.