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‘Remember all the things you tried to forget’ – Can you ever move on from things in your past if you just try to forget them? (The philosophy of: Tristan Prettyman)

If you’ve had shitty things happen in your past, can you ever truly move on from them if you don’t first embrace the hurt, acknowledge what happened and truly face up to it? Does trying to forget about how someone fucked us over, how we got screwed or the mistakes we made just make them happen again, or perhaps even worse, make them manifest in one or many other areas for the rest of our lives?

Maybe acknowledging that ‘it’s over’, ‘I failed’ or ‘I fucked up’ is the only way we can actually stop regretting, move on and move forward.

If you’re experiencing something deep, some real emotions, some powerful feelings of fear, challenge, toughness or isolation, embrace them. These are the real times of life.