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You are the remarkably unremarkable protagonist of the most interesting story there is. One that no one else can truly know all about – Yours. (& The philosophy of: The School of Life)

Think of any fictional character. They all wrestle with desires, motivations, worries and fears similar to yours (they may just have 1 or 2 more superpowers). They are remarkable in how unremarkable they are. That’s what makes their stories universally relatable (even Superman and Harry Potter sprung from abandonment issues).

You are a star in your own book. in your own story.

The things that happen to you, based on their motivations, desires and fears are equally as remarkable as any character. Yet, yours is a story that hasn’t happened before; it’s similar to the billions of other people who’ve existed, but still unique.

And not only are you the star of your own interesting story, but whether you realise it or not, you are also a star in the book of so many other people. Even if it’s those closest to you, or not, if you have, at some point, had at least one interaction with another human person in the past, you have been an influence on someone’s life. And you may have a great influence on several others right now. In your story, and in theirs.