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‘Relationships’? What is ‘relationships’? – Is a relationship just a constant battle between your desire for freedom and fear of insecurity?

In the Onion Encyclopaedia, or The Book of Known Knowledge, a relationship is defined as:

Social bond lasting anywhere from 2 weeks to 70 years, the entirety of which is spent vacillating between thinking one is doing the right thing and thinking that one is making a horrible mistake.

Whether you believe in gender stereotypes or not, you may believe that each of the two genders has a predisposition to leans more to a desire for freedom over security. But this is not necessarily true. As examples that prefer vice versa from each gender could easily be found.

It’s possible that a relationship is just one endless messy and confusing Greco-Roman Wrestling bout.

In one corner: the freedom you want (or the lack of freedom you fear).

In the other corner: the security you want (or the insecurity you fear) that you spend the whole time trying to wrestle with your desire for freedom. 

And at the end of it, one wins. But do they? If you’ve ever seen one of these fights, at the end of it, both sides are messed up, stressed out, maybe even lost some hair, got kicked in the painful parts and they also look like shit.

Is the Greco-Roman Wrestling fight worth it? 


Sidenote: The feature image comes from The Mighty Boosh, and specifically here: