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What do we really need? – The philosophy of: SOJA-Everything Changes

Maybe we need more shoes on our feet,
Maybe we need more clothes and TVs,
Maybe we need more cash and jewellery,
or maybe we don’t what we need.

– From Soja’s Everything Changes


What do we need? Oxygen, water, nutrients. That’s it. And no, we actually don’t need jobs because if you live in the Western world like I’m going to just assume my ass off and say you do, there are so many safety nets in place that will never allow you or your family go short of what you actually need. Once again: Oxygen, water, nutrients. All other things are luxuries.


Sidenote: This is another brilliant song recommended by my student Mariana. That’s twice I’ve asked her for what she’s listening to and twice she’s come up with an absolute diamond. I might stop asking her because this’ll end up being nothing but a site dedicated to what she’s listening to. But nonetheless… Cheers, Mariana.