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Is it possible to want what you have? And… is it possible to even not feel desire at all? For the feeling of want to become a feeling impossible to feel or understand?

‘Being poor is not having too little, it is wanting more.’
– Seneca the Younger

Humans may not be around today if we hadn’t been so ambitious to want more. To want to survive the black plague, to expand to different countries, to not want to get eaten by bears.

By there’s also the argument that human consciousness and Humanity as a whole has developed and progressed to a point where the only advancements are technological ones. So maybe we don’t need (or have to want) any more than we ever have in history.

So step one: Want what you already have.
And once you get there, try to not want the things that you don’t have either. Try to accept them that way: You don’t have them. That’s it. There is no want.

It’s like when you feel hungry and haven’t eaten for a day, you could care less about trivial desires. If you think ‘I want food’ it’s also very rare to simultaneously think ‘I want to backpack around Europe’. Or when you’re thirsty, you very rarely worry about how much you want the new iPhone.

So maybe desire as a whole can be controlled, or even eliminated?

Human desires may be entirely useless to us now. We may have reached maximum progress (and does progress even matter?) Either way we live, we die. Medicine just made us live longer and healthier, and may continue to make us live longer and better). But as we live and die now, we always have lived and died.