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Is it possible that your consciousness is what actually makes your life WORSE? Maybe we ask too many questions and analyse too much? Anyway that’s why the name of the site is changing for today.

Do other mammals, reptiles, blades of couch grass exhibit consciousness? And do they even have any? Or are all their decisions (?) and actions unconsciously performed? All for the good of their own species, own family, own 1×1 metre square of fellow couch grass blades?

Sure, an examined life does help you to see what really matters and put things in perspective, but maybe it’s over-analysing that confuses us and makes us live actually counter-productively to ourselves, our families and our species…

So, let’s try this out… try make decisions without conscious thought; just go by your instincts. Does life change greatly? My hypothesis is that we experience a consciousness that leads us to do all sorts of confused things, that divulge from the norm a greater deal than most (or if all) other species, then perhaps it’s (human) consciousness, awareness and our examination of the self and the world we live in that actually hinders our progress.

I’m going to try this out, and not think about anything consciously and just go with the gut, and not with the mind, for a bit. See ya.