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The Philosophy of: Tim Minchin (& Example) – A life of learning, teaching and helping is a complete one (and the life of a playful kid)

Take a leaf out of Peter Pan’s manual…
– From Example – 10 Million People

Professional sportspeople have it nice.

They get to live the life of a kid into their 20s, 30s and even 40s (Tom Brady, Jaromir Jagr etc.). Playing games well into their adulthood. Then they coach sometimes and tell others how to play games. Musicians have it similar. They get to sing and dance and play music (like maybe you did when you were 4 in your living room) for however long they want. Scientists too though. They get to build rockets, or get stuff to react to other stuff or ask questions like ‘Why is the sky blue?’ about everything (and nothing) in the universe.

But so do teachers (the good ones, not the disgruntled ones). A life of teaching (either professionally or sharing what you’ve learned with friends or people you meet) is one where you continue to learn too. You live the life of a curious kid learning about things, understanding them and then consolidating and contextualising them by explaining them to people who don’t yet. A life of teaching and a life of learning is not only the life a playful kid, but it’s a good life.