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The philosophy of Snufkin [pt.6] – Is the only person –and the only moment– that exists this one right now? There’s no past you, no past you, no future you, but only this one right now?

Tomorrow and yesterday were at a distance.
– Snufkin

There’s a theory that the only real you that exists is the one you are now. And the only moment that exists is this one right now. And that’s one’s now gone (ie. doesn’t exist anymore).

You don’t live in the future (or die in it either) –you live and die in the now. When you die, it will be ‘now’. Just like when you were born, it was also ‘now.’

The past doesn’t define you, even if it creates you

Your past may shape you and have made you who you are now, but the the only person you are is the one you are right now. Which in turn, allows you to recreate who you want to be (if you want to, that is.) every moment.