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The philosophy of: Sigur Rós

God damn it.

This was going to be about how Sigur Rós can make any tiny, bullshit thing seem profound. But damn, this homeboy’s already on to it…

If you put a Sigur Rós track in a movie, an ad, or even a homemade 73rd birthday video for granny Glandice, you’ve instantly got yourself something that’s powerful and profound as shit.


1. From the final scene in 127 Hours


2. From Vanilla Sky


3. And from one of the most fucked up yet fucking great movies, Mysterious Skin


Your turn now –try it.

  1. Next time you have to scrub the disgusting gunk off the bottom of the sink with a gross old toothbrush, put this on in the background while you scrub that rank shit off:

2. If you have to pick all the dog shit up from your backyard or clean a pool of cat piss in the middle of the living room, chuck this on:

3. And you know when all the fucking cables get tangled behind the tv? You know… for the tv, the wifi router, the laptop, three different fucking phone chargers and somehow the headphones are in there too… when you bring yourself round to untangling all that shit, put this on:

You just gave those three bullshit ass tasks a profound meaning that transcends space, time and mankind. Welcome to eternity.