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The Philosophy of: Philosophy (and one of my Philosophy tutors)

When Science and Technology advance to the point where people are going to live for 200+ years, the ironic thing is that the one thing that science ensured we drifted away from –being human– is going to be the one thing we eventually need to do most (and the one that we might have forgotten to do (sidenote: more irony here). Though we may have extended our life beyond its current biological limits, and technology may be not only our accessory, but the thing that controls us, it’s possible there’s going to be a shit ton of people experiencing a existential headfuck like never before

Philosophy, arts, therapy, psychology and counselling may eventually be the things that in a super intelligent, super advanced world, may end up being the most valuable things that we need.

If you believe in the law of accelerating returns, science and technology (and AI) are going way, and that is to make humans redundant in every area of life. The disciplines above may the ones that we need to call on again, to show us how to live, how to exist, and how to be human.