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The philosophy of: one of my students – Life isn’t like Benjamin Button

Time goes in one way. Never in history has it gone backwards (except this one time, at 1:10). Yet, from the second you are born, the only thing that is guaranteed, the one thing, is that you’re going to die.

And you may have heard this before (at 0:13):

‘AAAAAHHHHH. I don’t wanna die!’


‘AAAAAHHHH I’m going to die!’

Yep. No shit.

Many of us live in fear of dying. Or at least it seems that way. When someone says they don’t want to die, it’s because they have regret or unfinished business. But life couldn’t give two fucks about unfinished business.

So be ready to die at any moment, in that you are happy with who you are (it is a decision, and if you’re not, it can be turned around at any moment), because as one my students brilliantly said the other day, ‘Life isn’t like Benjamin Button.’

Time goes towards death only, so prepare for it. And by that I don’t mean dig a hole, get in a coffin and wait. But live the life YOU want and be the person you want to be.