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The philosophy of: my microwave and oven after a blackout last night, my favourite time (who-gives-a-fuck o’clock) & another student of mine inspires me

There was a blackout where I live last night. Which was excellent for 2 reasons –one, because a blackout limits your options of what you can do (and I’m pretty sure there’s a strong correlation between having fewer options and contentment), and two, the time display on my microwave and oven were reset and now my oven displays this every second of the day:

Brilliant. And even better, the microwave says this:

Excellent. The latter is my favourite time of all.

And that is the only time that matters. Fuck knows o’clock.

Sure knowing the time is necessary for work and appointments and schedules and shit, but for anything else in life, it’s bullshit. How many times have you thought that ‘the last year or month or two hours went so slow but the person next to you thought the exact opposite. It’s because time is relative to how you feel it. Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years etc. are just mathematical ways to measure the frequency of the earth’s rotation. They have nothing to do with life as a living human.

Before time was measured in the way we do today, it was marked by the level of light you can see. Because we live our lives dictated a lot by how light or dark it is. That is actually the important measurement. Each day is new. It gets light, then it gets dark. Then tomorrow, the same thing will probably happen again (although it’s pretty much 100%, it’s also not quite 100).

Sidenote: I asked my students to tell me one thing that is permanent, one thing they know for sure that is. And one student replied: ‘time’. Now, I isn’t no physics man science guy person, but that is something I would love to hear a physicist’s opinion on. My guess is that even though time isn’t permanent, since it had to start at some point, and doesn’t everything that starts have to end? Anyway, cool to think about, either way.