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The Philosophy of: Ludwig Wittgenstein – The games of language (pay attention to which one others are playing)

Communication (at least verbal) is incredibly ineffective. For example, when one person says ‘I love you’ it might mean ‘You are the person I enjoy being with’ but if the other says it they may mean ‘If I lost you, I wouldn’t be able to live.’

Those two things are dramatically different. And therefore the consequences of any actions that affect that love may have dire results for one person, and okay and indifferent ones for the other.

It’s important to try to work out what game (of language) the other person is playing when they say something to you. We misinterpret which for various reasons (mostly for quickness) but it goes to show how incorrect or inaccurate things what we say can be understood. And that’s what Ludwig Wittgenstein talks about (I’m pretty sure he does anyway).