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The philosophy of ‘Keaton Henson – You’ [If you must live, just live]

Welcome back to the ‘What is Mariana listening to at the moment’ online internet website page. Here’s what you’ve missed previously: part 1 and part 2.

Now for part 3…

If you asked any animal in the wild, a hummingbird, white ant or a mountain ash eucalyptus tree: ‘Are you happy with your life? Do you enjoy this life? Couldn’t you live better in a different situation?’ The bigass eucalyptus tree would pull up and be like, ‘yo, what the fuck you on about, asshole – ‘enjoy’? What do you mean? This is the only life there is.’ (Picturing a 75 metre tall eucalyptus tree calling you an asshole? Pretty cool huh.)

When we lose our connection to nature and forget the fact that we’re just mammals living for a damn short time, shit gets all confused and demented, yo. The ant, the hummingbird, the eucalyptus tree know one thing: exist as part of nature.

So in Keaton Heston’s song You, the last line is repeated for good reason.

If you must live, just live.

(Here’s the rest of the lyrics)

Thinking about the past, what you should’ve done, what you should’ve been, just like thinking about what you’re going to be or ‘I’ll be happy when (insert whatever bullshit here) happens is nothing but one thing: A waste of your short time living.

If you must live, just live.