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The philosophy of: Chunky [pt.9] – Physical appearance doesn’t matter shit

This was Chunky after rolling around in the sand down the local beach today:

But you think he gives a fuck he has sand all over his face and between his eyeball sockets, looking like some bread crumb-covered weirdo? He couldn’t give a fuck.

There’s a reason that our eyeball sockets have stayed in the exact same place since caveman times, when we actually had real problems to worry about.

Because it’s the outward world that is what creates awareness, the mind (the one thing we can see all the time) that, when understood, tells how to live and what’s important. We can’t see our face because in the context of life and our existence, it matters shit. The body, much like the face, and everything around is decaying as we speak, and eventually decays to nothing. 

How others see you doesn’t matter. What you do and how you see yourself does.

Anytime Chunky does something that makes him look ‘stupid’ (in common terms), he doesn’t give a fuck. Walk straight into a post while being walked? Okay. Chase a bird and then get swooped by it? Whatever. Get absolutely dumped by a massive wave while attempting to get the ball in the waves? Who gives a fuck. Life goes on. That event was in the past, this is now. Fuck it. Move on.

What matters is not the outward experience or appearance of you or anyone else. It’s that you do good by yourself and those in your world, and that’s it.