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The Philosophy of: Camp Cope’s Georgia McDonald’s eye rolls (in this live version of The Opener)

Camp Cope have a way of relating frustrating, annoying and sometimes shitty stories that are deeply personal to them, that girls (and guys) can relate to and they don’t seem to really give a shit about how much they reveal–about themselves, what people say or said, or do or did.

The value of The Opener is that it tells the story of them getting bullshitted to by a few different guys, but also how aware they are that it happens, and how mindless, archaic and dumb it is that people (some guys in this case) still think in such mindless, archaic, mindless and manipulative ways.

You can hear the exasperation in the song and Georgia McDonald’s voice, and you can see how shitty and annoyed she is in her priceless eye rolls.

Whether you connect to what happens or what happened to them, or whether it brings to attention some shitty way you may have acted in the past (one of things kind of does for me), and if nothing else it serves as reminder that, guys, girls, in music, in life, whatever… You = person. Me = person. Every one else = also persons. That’s it.