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What you haven’t been able to do has no effect on what you can (& The philosophy of: Richmond FC Coach Damien Hardwick)

The past don’t define you,
Even if it creates you.

– from Illy – Two Degrees 

Today, Richmond Football Club play for a spot in their first Aussie Rules AFL Grand Final since 1982. And though the past 35 have been lean and depleted of any team success, it has no bearing on what will happen today, or in the future.

As coach Damien Hardwick said in a press conference yesterday (at 1:15):

The game doesn’t know what’s happened in the past, it just continues to look at what you’re going to bring this week.

Which is just like in life. If you’ve previously failed at learning a language, playing guitar or think you’ve always been shit at maths, that has no bearing on if you can be. You are exactly the same species as anyone else who ever learned a language successfully, learned guitar or was a fucking monster at maths.

The only thing you’ve got to do is want it (and to know why you do). It’s not enough to want to want it. But want it. Because if someone’s done it before, then for you too, it can be done.