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Fuck passion. Give a shit, but don’t be passionate.

When you’re passionate about something, you become blind to any evidence or opinions against it. It’s easy to start thinking yours is the only way.

There’s a difference between giving heaps of fucks about something and being passionate about something.

ISIS are passionate, the KKK too. You think they see the other side? Hells to the shit nahs. They’re right, you’re wrong. And as more opposition to them grows, so does their defensiveness against it.

What’s your passion and what impact’s it having on you?

In ancient Rome, the word for ‘passions’ was ‘affectus’. And that’s exactly what passion does. It throws you off balance.

Once you’re passionate about something, you stop thinking you maybe be misguided, start thinking ‘I know’¹ and start thinking yours is the only way.

And once that passion doesn’t go your way –whether a proposal gets rejected, someone doesn’t want to help you or promote you or you fail at it –oftentimes you dig your heels in even more (especially if the results and ‘success’ of your passion rely on the opinions, approval or assistance of others).

So care a fuckton about something. But don’t be passionate about it.


¹ The most dangerous (short) sentence in the English language?