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OMG CUTENESS ALERT: Here Are Some Adorable Pics Of A Few Insanely Cute and Currently Alive Babies

Babies, am I right?! Nothing gets us going more than a snap of a recently uterine-expelled human to the face of the Earth via the body’s wet criminal ejection most commonly known as pregnancy. So, without further ado, here are photos of some recently born living, breathing skinbags that are otherwise known as babies! Get ready to call the Cuteness police!

1. Stan 

Oh Sweet Dear Jesus atop the mountaintop, how cute is this picture of a baby?! And how alive is he?! Correct on both counts!!

2. Silvia

Did someone say ‘Cuteness Overload’?? And did someone else say ‘Clinically Alive Infant’?? Because we see both in this picture! Oh my god, so so cute!

3. Beatrice

Goodness Gracious, what a little angel!! This baby can’t help us from thinking that we just want to take her home for ourselves! It also makes us think that this baby is not a cadaver and its heart, lungs and brain are operating enough for it to be a sentient, still alive organism. So flipping adorable!!

4. Kim

Awwww, ADORABLE! Get us to this baby STAT! Because not only is it cute as a button, it also is a person that has not died from natural causes or some negligent gruesome factory fire yet!!

5. Lnarnley 

Oh for the love of The Vengeful and Sleepy Almighty Above Us, take this pic away from us, because this photo of an alive baby is just too too TOO cute! It’s not enough that these babies are just too cute to function, but that they are also presently alive! Babies FTW!