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What if there was no degree of anything? Hard, extra hard, super mega ultra hard… Whatever.

There’s no degrees of contentment –you either have it or you don’t. But what if there was also no degree of ‘difficult’.

Things can always get more difficult. If you’re worried about how you’re going to do something hard, or are faced with a tough challenge, imagine it was even harder, with even more obstacles.

Need to apply for a job but worried about it? Imagine you had no experience. That would be hard.

Need to apply for a job and don’t have experience? Imagine you didn’t speak the language.

Need to apply for a job and don’t have experience and don’t speak the language? Imagine you were blind. There are people who live those challenges, and somehow they make it work. And often they’d probably give anything to be in a position where you have one, two or all three of those things.

Thinking of moving overseas but not sure how you’re going to make it happen? Well imagine you’re driving home and some pissed idiot suddenly darts out onto the road in front of you. Now you’ve got a manslaughter case to answer for. That shit happens.

Things are always easier than they could be.