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The Nike Slogan that didn’t make it.

One of my students in a nurse. And from where she’s from euthanasia or terminally ill (and sometimes not) patients is legal.

A little while ago had a patient who had elected to for the procedure. And when she saw this patient a few weeks before, she was confused as what to say to them, specifically how to say see ya, when she was clocking off her shift and going home.

But that’s the thing. Every time you see someone it could be for the last time. And that goes for you too. This could be the last day you’re a living person, the last day you get to be ‘you’. The last day that every you think is normal, great, terrible, wonderful and worth living is no more.

And that doesn’t mean go crazy and do ridiculous illegal things that hurt or harm others or society in general. But live the life you want, every day. Where you want to, how you want, with who you want, doing what you want.

Live today like tomorrow you’re going to be euthanised.