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Napoleon actually was a short dead dude (The philosophy of: Bill S. Preston Esquire pt.2)

You are not you. If it weren’t all the people you’ve met or had experiences with, whether in person or even in narrative or documentaries, you wouldn’t be the same you.

And where you are born and the situation you’re born into to is something you have absolutely no control over. And it has a huge effect on the person you end up being.

So had Napolean had different people around him, different influences growing up, he would’ve been a totally different alive French dude. But still a dead French dude eventually. Napolean was not a guy who did all this shit in Europe, but things were done in Europe by a military (which had a leader). A lot of shitty things that were terrible, and a lot of things that a lot of people considered great and valuable today. But it just happened to be him doing it, the result of the influences around him. That him was just an amalgamation of the hundreds of thousands of people he met and supported and opposed him. And so are you. You’re just not yet a dead, probably not French, dude.

And Caesar was kind of a salad dressing dude. Pretty much.