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¡Mucho Gusto! – The Tastes of Spain [Coffee]: Al Campo Supermarket’s €1.89 Instant Cappuccino Powder

Ahhhh Spain… land of vibrant culture, rich flavours and loud noises. It’s a country of great complexity and also simplicity in the noises that are emitted from it. This is a country synonymous with passion, pride, excessive noise, and not only talking about noise but also wanting to be noisy about being loud. But don’t let all the noises stop you from enjoying the eclectic range of flavours that make this country so interesting. 

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Today, we´re featuring a Spanish instant coffee that comes from the region of no idea. So, let´s not delay any further because we know you’ve just got to have your coffee fix! Here we go…

Al Campo Supermarket’s €1.89 Instant Cappuccino Powder

Flavour: Hot

When this coffee hits your tastebuds, wow, you can’t help but describe the taste as: hot. With subtle flavour notes of hotness, infused with more profound touches of heat, when you stick a mouthful of this bad boy in your face hole, you can´t help but notice the distinct flavour that is best described as ‘definitely not cold’.

Aroma: Okay, I guess.

Al Campo’s Instant Cappuccino powder’s fragrance could be best described as whatever. Once the perfume of this food and/or drink product wafts into your nostrils and towards your olfactory receptors, your brain will be sure to process the aromatic notes of this cup of Joe as ‘something’.

Distinction and Consistency: Wet.

While this is not your top-shelf $500/kg Vietnamese Kopi-Luwak, once you tilt your head back and throw a cup full of Al Campo’s cheap but also average Instant Cappuccino powder onto your face getting some in your mouth (your target area) it imbues your taste buds with a strong sense of dampness. Lacking in dryness, this coffee will leave you feeling that yes, what you put in to your skull cavity was in fact a liquid.

Quality of Bean: N/A

Unfortunately the calibre of bean used in this roast is unknown, as one, the colour of its powder is some fucked up cream, tan and black mix-up, and two, there wasn´t even one coffee bean within 4000 kilometres during its production.

Processing Method: No idea. A factory in China?

Carbon Neutral and eco-friendly? Doubt it.

Our rating: ★★★★★ 

It’s hot, it’s wet, and when you pour it into your mouth, it’s not solid or chewy (oh, actually, except for when you don’t stir and dilute the powder enough, because, then, yeah, it is a bit chewy). A cup of this hot, wet, non-solid coffee is the perfect way to start your day.

Wow, so there you have it! A fine, smooth blend of coffee-like substance combined with plastic packaging. What more could you want in a hot cup of the brain-tasering liquid known as coffee?